S.No. Title Date of Issue Download
Regarding issuing of Prosecution Sanction 19/04/2007 Download
Timely disposal of cases relating to Prosecution Sanction 24/03/2007 Download
Guidelines to be followed by the authorities competent to accord sanction for prosectuion u/s 19 of the PC Act 12/05/2005 Download
Proceedings under Section 19 PC Act against Public Servants. 14/06/2005 Download
Regarding Prosecution Sanction issued under section 19 of PC Act 1988 01/06/2004 Download
Regarding put up challan in court against Public Servant after getting Prosecution Sanction 01/06/2004 Download
Regarding Field posting of Govt. servants 23/07/2003 Download
Circular by Local Self Department regarding issueing Prosecution Sanction under PC Act cases. 19/06/2003 Download
Direction in regarding suspension and reinstatement of public servant 10/08/2001 Download
10  Regarding issueing of Prosecution Sanction/Departmental Proceedings 30/05/2001 Download
11  Regarding suspension of public servant who red handed trapped by Anti Corruption Bureau
14/12/2000 Download
12  State Police or Anti Corruption/Vigilance set up may make immediate action in respect of the Central Government Employees in the following circumstances - Extra of Para 1.11 of Chapter 1 of Central Bureau of Investigation (Crime) Manual 2005
2005 Download
13  Regarding information of public servant to Appointing Authority/Head of Department in which case is registered in ACB. 14/03/2011 Download
14  Amendment CrPC Section 41 Police arrest without Warrant. 15/09/2011 Download
15  Regarding Disciplinary Action against Public Servant 24/06/2002 Download
16  ACB is empowered to investigate all type of offences including IPC and other special Acts with specific order. 12/08/2002 Download
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