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1 Assertiveness View
2 Basic Communication Skills View
3 Communication for Management View
4 Communication Skills View
5 Communication View
6 Core Jail Standards View
7 Criminal Psychology View
8 Criminology - Psychological Lecture on Criminal Behavior View
9 Drugs And Crime View
10 Effective Communication Skills View
11 Effective Communication View
12 Explanations of Criminal Behaviour View
13 Forensic Psychology View
14 Hate Crime In Prison View
15 Health and satety of staff View
16 Incarceration And Prison Society View
17 Lecture- Developmental Theories View
18 Mental Illness View
19 ACT for Suicide Prevention For Correctional Staff- Volunteer Training View
20 Prison Life View
21 Threat Assessments - Lessons Learned for Correctional Officers View
22 Use of Force View
23 Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication View
24 Verbal Defence View
25 What is Criminal Justice View