History: Directorate of State Forensic Science Laboratory

1959- State Forensic Science Laboratory was established by the order of home ministry in police head quarter with photo and document division.

1967- Chemistry division started in Main laboratory, Jaipur.

1970- First technical director was appointed. Bio division started in main laboratory.

1973- Physics division started in main laboratory.

1974- Forensic lab was shifted in newly constructed building near RPA Nehru nagar Jaipur and Ballistics division started in main laboratory.

1983- Toxicology division started separately in main laboratory.

1984- Serology division started separately in main laboratory.

1992- Arson & Explosive division, narcotics division and Lie detection division were sanctioned in main laboratory.

1995- Regional Forensic science laboratory (RFSL) Jodhpur and Udaipur sanctioned.

1997- RFSL Jodhpur and Udaipur became functional.

1998- Construction of building of RFSL Jodhpur started.

2004-Construction of building of DNA finger printing started and sanction of RFSL Udaipur building and 30 district mobile units.

2005- Construction of building of RFSL Kota started and computer forensics, Audio & Video authentication &cyber forensic technique were started in main lab.

2006-Newly constructed building of RFSL Udaipur Inaugurated. 16 mobile forensic units established. Staff for DNA & Cyber forensic lab was sanctioned.

2007- RFSL Kota started functioning after partial staff sanctioning. 14 mobile units established. Construction of 7 district mobile units building started.

2008- RFSL Bikaner got sanction with partial staff. Posts for four district mobile forensic units also sanctioned.

2009- Four more district mobile forensic units established.

2010- Essential required equipments for DNA examination established in jaipur and partial examination work started.

2011-DNA finger printing started completely in Jaipur. New RFSL Ajmer got sanction for first phase.

2013- Post of Assistant Director for Cyber forensic division got sanctioned. Chemistry division started functioning in RFSL Ajmer.

2014-Toxicology, Serology, Biology divisions became functional in RFSL Bikaner.  Toxicology division became functional in RFSL Ajmer.

2015-Forensic Training and Research Institute Building Constructed in the premises of main laboratory Jaipur. Physics, Biology, serology and Toxicology divisions became functional in RFSL Bharatpur along with Biology division in RFSL Udaipur.

2016- Ground floor of RFSL Bikaner and Ajmer Building Constructed. Polygraph centre established in State Forensic Science Laboratory Jaipur. Extension of Facilities FTRI and work plan prepared for FTRI.

2017- Polygraph center inaugurated in the main laboratory. First Edition of Forensic Guideline for the Investigator Officer has been published.