Green Building

Going Green! The concept aims to promote environment protection, water conservation, energy efficiency, use of recycled products and renewable energy.

  1.   RPH&CCL is trying to incorporate these concepts in all its projects.
  2.   Green Building is one that is environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work in.
  3.   Green Buildings ensure that waste is minimized at every stage during the construction and operation of the     building, resulting in low costs.

Features of Green Building

1.    Sustainable Sites

  •    Measures to prevent erosion of soil
  •    Rainwater harvesting
  •    Landscapes to reduce heat islands

2.    Water efficiency

  •    25 - 30% reduction in use of potable water
  •    100% recycling of waste water
  •    Water efficient landscaping

3.    Energy and Atmosphere

  •   Use of world class energy efficient practices
  •   30% reduction in energy over normal buildings
  •   Use of on-site renewable energy

4.    Materials and Resources

  •    Storage and collection of recyclables
  •    Reuse of building materials
  •    Use of certified wood

5.    Indoor Environmental Quality

  •     Use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content material (paint, carpet, sealable)
  •     System controls to maintain IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)



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