Home (Group-1/Police)

All matters of Personnel Administration relating to Police/R.A.C./F.S.L./Wireless/ACB. Establishment matters relating to Gazetted Officers, Recruitment relation provided for in Rules regarding age qualification, experience etc., voluntary retirement, complaint against personnel, Correction of date of birth, Transfer/Posting/Promotions and deputation of Gazetted Officers, Foreign Training of all ranks, Domestic Training Courses, Service Rules, Counting of Military Service, Compulsory retirement, Appreciation of Service (Medals, Rewards, Honorarium), Nomination for foreign/Un-assignment, Appointment of Committee to review Programmes/Schemes/Act/Rules, Notice under 80 C.P.C. Rajasthan Police Act, 2007, Special appointment under Rule 17(4) of RPSS Rules on the post of Sub-Inspector, Gallantry Promotion for the post of Sub-Inspector and Inspector, Verification of Character concerning employment in India, Matter regarding Rajasthan deceased Government Servant Rules 1996.   

Home (Group-2/Accounts)

Administrative/Financial sanctions,  P.A.C. Condemnation of stores/vehicles, Re-payment of loans under various schemes, all budgetary matters relating to Police/RAC/Jail/Home Guards/Civil Defence/FSL/ACB. Regulation of excess calls. Issuance of guide lines for purchasing of various items as per GF&R. Creation of police stations/outposts. Reimbursement of expenditure incurred on behalf of Govt. of India (MHA). All matters relating to the Rajasthan Prisoners Band Rules and Prisoners Welfare Fund Rules.  

Home (Group-3/Passport)

Sanction for prosecution under Passport Act 1967, Sanction for Prosecution by GOI under Immigration Act 1983, Withdrawal of cases from the Court, Issuance of "No Obligation to return to India" certificate to Indians staying in abroad, matters relating to recovery of repatriation charges, verification of national status and antecedents of Indians staying in abroad, Repatriation of Indians who are lodged in foreign jails, instruction from GOI regarding issuance of Passports, Pilgrimage out-side India (Except Haj Pilgrimage).

Home (Group-4/Visa)

Matters related to Pakistani & others Foreigners (including matters under Foreigners Act, 1946 & Foreigners Order, 1948). Grant of Short & Long Term Visa. Grant of return visa, visa for additional place, permission for change in travel route, permanent settlement facility in State, Indian Citizenship cases. Preventive detention of Foreign nationals under National Security Act, 1980/COFEPOSA Act/PIT, NDPS Act. Pilgrimage in India including Participation in Urs fair at Ajmer by Pak National.  

Home (Group-5/Security-I)

Report of all serious and sensational incidents viz- dacoitees, riots, firing, strikes and agitations etc. Institution of Administrative enquires and their reports. Ex-gratia grant to victims of firing and riots. Prevention of cruelty to animal. Transfer of Investigation to CID(CB)/SOG & CBI. Assistance of Army, CPMF and other State Police force. Activities of Individuals, Political & Communal organizations. Police arrangements of Special occasions. Burial lands and burial grounds, cremation and cremation grounds outside Municipal and Town areas. Complaints from other than SC/ST/Women. Rajasthan Dacoity affected Areas Act.

Home (Group-6/Co-ordination)

Co-ordination within Home Department matters related with more than one Group. Rajasthan Noise Control Act, Indian Treasure Trove Act & Rules, Rajasthan Cinema Regulation Act, Permission for shooting of films in border Area, Video Regulation Act. Co-ordination of RTI matters, SUGAM applications, CMIS matters, CMO's VIP/VVIP References. Land acquisition/allotment matters pertaining to Police Department.

Home (Group-7/HomeGuard)

Matters relating to Home Guards, litigations of Homeguards, training to the officers/staff of HG. Disaster management Namely : Terrorist attacks, Major breakdown of Law & order, Mutiny/Large Sclae Desertion in State Police Forces, Crisis related to Nuclear attack, Chemical weapon attack and attack using biological agents.

Home (Group-9/Security-II)

Border Security, Cases under National Security Act, 1980 pertaining to Indian National. Cases under COFEPOSA Act, PIT NDPS Act. Cases related to terrorism, issue identity cards in border districts. Internal Security Schemes (Districts), Internal Security Schemes (Military) Review of security of President, vice President, PM, Union Ministers of the States & other V.V.I.P. Matters related to Security of Banks, Airports. Interception of Postal Mail/Telegrams/telephones. Matters related to Arms, Fire Arms & Ammunition. Demarcation of Areas for field firing, land acquisition for defence. Constitution of Inquiry Commission.

Home (Group-10/Home Law)

Appeals under Indian explosive Act and explosive substances Act, the Rajasthan Cinema Regulation Act 1962. Withdrawing from prosecution under section 321 of Cr.P.C. Matters related to IPC & Cr.P.C. & Prosecution under section 196 Cr.PC.

Home (Group-11/Appeal)

All matters relating to CVC. Appeal & Revision U/R-23 & 34 CCA Rules. All litigation matters concerning disciplinary proceedings of Non Gazetted personnel in Poice/RAC/FSL/Wireless/ACB and matters pertaining to MACT claims.

Home (Group-12/Jail)

Matters relating to the Rajasthan Jail Service & the Rajasthan Jail Subordinate Service, the Prisons Act 1894, the Prisoners Act 1900, Raj. Prisoners Act 1960 & Rules there under, the Rajasthan Prisons Rules 1951, the Rajasthan Prisoners Release on Paroles Rules 1958. Release on permanent Parole. Appreciation of Service (Medals, Rewards, Awards, Appreciation letter and Honorarium) Removal of Prisoners, accused and persons subjected to preventive detention from Rajasthan to other State and vice-versa.

Home (Group-13/Grievance Redressed)

Atrocities on women. Matters relating to atrocities on people belonging to Rajasthan, living in other parts of India & Abroad. Complaints from ST/SC/Minorities. Protection of Children/Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act.

Home (Group-14/Human Rights)

Complaints from National Human Rights Commission under Act 1993 & Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission under Act 1993. 

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