State Forensic Science Laboratory, Jaipur

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State Forensic Science Laboratory, Rajasthan

RPA Road, Nehru Nagar, Jaipur -302016

Phone-0141 2301584, 0141 2301859 (Fax)


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Nature of examination/ Type of Evidence

SFSL Jaipur receives cases from the following divisional areas


Arson and Explosive


Nature of analysis: - Arson, Adulteration, Dowry death, 3/7 E.C. Act, Explosive Act, 302, 307 IPC related cases.


Physical Evidences: - Inflammable petroleum products, solvents explosives, Mobil oil, dowry death & arson related exhibits, after explosion residue etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Bharatpur




Nature of crime:-Murder, Attempt to murder, Suicide, Accidental Fire, Loot-Decoity,  Kidnapping, To create panic,  Threatening etc


Physical Evidence:-Different firearms and their parts,  Cartridges, Cartridge cases/shells/empties, Wad, Pellets, Bullet, Gun powder, Percussion cap, Places of targets  caused by pellets/bullet, Country made pistol, Firearms  covered under arms act etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Bharatpur, Jodhpur, Udaipur



Nature of examination:- Rape/Sexual assault, Murder, Sucide, Burning, Drowning, Post mortam interval, Abduction, Theft and Dacoity. Crime related with U/S 302, 307, 376, 377, 363, 498A, 304B IPC and 174, 176 CrPc and crime related with NDPS Act, Excise Act, Wild Life Protection Act, Forest Act. RBAP (Bovine Protection) Act.


Physical evidence:- Semen stained cloth, vaginal, urethral swab and smear, Hairs, Saliva over cigarette, Bidi, Guthkha etc. Bones, Teeth, Cranium/Skull, nails, Skin, Vomit, Menstrual blood, Blood at the time of abortion, Embyo. Diatoms in Viscera. Narcotic plants like Bhang, Ganja, Doda post, Counterfeit Cigarette, Bidi, Tobacco of Gutkha, Counterfeit Tea.  Insects, Botanical substances like Leaves, Fibres, Wood, Seeds, Pollen grain etc. Organ of birds, Flesh, Hairs, Bones, Hoof, Horn, Hide of animals, Elephant tusk (Ivory) etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur


Cyber Forensic


Nature of Examination :- Internet generated E-Commerce related economic offences / E-Banking fraud, Social media related Crime, Cyber Crime/ General Crime  related to sensitive matter and nation security like Smuggling/ spying / Infiltration / Terrorism crime, Indecent representation of women, blackmailing, Defamation, Data Hiding/Tempering / Deletion, Fake Document, Fraud, Gambling, Bookie(Speculation), batting, Hacking , Pornography, Money Laundry, Sniffing, Stegnography, Intellectual property rights related cyber crime, Video Authentication/ enhancement, CCTV footage and other general crime related to computer, Laptop, Mobile phone , tablet, electronic devices alongwith memory storage / Programmable electronic devices.


Physical Evidence:- Cyber/ Computer crime related all programmable electronic device/ electronic devices with memory storage, Computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet, SIM Card, Pandrive, Memory Card, Magnetic and optical storage media, Electronic ticket machine, A.T.M. Machine, POS machine, Magnetic and electronic card, swapping machine, Software etc.   

All Rajasthan



Nature of analysis :- Cases related to Illicit liquor, Bootlegger, Toxic liquor tragedy, 16/54 &  19/54 Excise act, Trap cases, Adulteration, Murder, Acid burning, 7, 13, 1 D (2) Prevention of corruption Act, 420, 302, 307 IPC, Forgery etc.


Physical evidences:- Country made and foreign made liquor, illicit liquor, adulterated petrol, diesel and kerosene, trap solution, (A.C. B. cases) acid burnt cloths, soap, detergent powder etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer (other than liquor case), Kota, Bharatpur




Nature of examination :- Crime investigation involves ,murder, rape including gang rape, exchange of new born, disputed paternity, identification of a person in case of bomb blast, terrorist attack, human trafficking etc.


Physical evidence :- Body fluids like blood, semen, saliva, tissues, bones, teeth, hairs. Saliva present on cigarette-bidi, chewing-gum & gutaka, envelop and toothbrush etc. Skin, blood and tissue remains in nail scrapings. Foetus, decomposed, destroyed body parts recovered after bomb blast, fire incident and exhumed body.

All Rajasthan




Nature of Examination:- Land mafia, Forgery, Cheating, Scam, Ransoms, Murder, Rape, Suicide, Copyright Act, Official secret Act.


Physical Evidence: -Handwriting, Signatures, Bank cheques, Property purchase/Transfer related documents, Typewritten examination, Addition, alteration in documents, Secret writings, Rubber seal impressions, Comparison of ink, paper, Fake Currency Note examination, Comparison of photocopies, Printing examination, Registration certificates of vehicles, sale/purchase letters, Ration card, Driving license, Passport, Visa, Stamp papers, Credit card etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer,  Kota, Bharatpur




Nature of Examination:- Vehicle theft, Burglary, robbery, Sack, Kidnapping, Industrial / Vehicle accident, Murder, Hit and run, adulteration in the material for road, dam, bridge and. building, arson and short circuit, RPGO, 420 IPC related Forgery and copy right Act.


Physical evidence:- Vehicle, Glass, Paint, Soil, Shoe/Tyre impression, Tool marks, Fibres, Clothes, Rope, Tempering in Registration Number plate, Ballistics weapons & Chassis/ Engine number of vehicles, Duplicate material, Electrical Stroke , Electrical theft, Engineering machine parts and tools, Collapse of industrial building, Cement-Concrete, Brick and other road material, rod, Voice Identification, Hanging, Cut marks, Gambling, Fire, Copyright etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur




Nature of Examination:- Indentify the truth of the statement given by the suspects, witness or complainants in the Fraud, Burglary, Dacoit, theft, Arson, Murder etc offences


Physical Evidence: Statement given by the suspects, witness or complainants etc.

All Rajasthan




Nature of Examination: Crime Scene Photography, Specialized photography, Trick Photography, Photo Matching etc.


Physical Evidence: Forgery, Examination of Photographs on identity cards/stamp paper/property documents etc.

All Rajasthan




Nature of analysis:- Case related to narcotic and psychotropic substance ceased under NDPS Act, Excise Act and IPC.


Physical Evidences:- Narcotic substance: - Doda post, opium and it's derivatives like smack (Brown sugar or Heroin), Chandu, Medak etc. Cannabis plant products like Bhang, Ganja, Charas etc. and Cocaine.

Psychotropic Substance: - Drugs like Mandrex, Methaqualone, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepenes, Ketamine, L.S.D. Amphatamines etc.

Prohibited Chemicals: - Like Acetic anhydride, Anthranilic acid, chloroacetic acid etc. and chemicals used in preparation of derivatives of narcotic substances.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur, Ajmer, Bharatpur, Kota




Nature of examination :- Heinous crime cases like murder, rape,  violent crime, exchange of new born, disputed paternity, wildlife conservation act, Raj. Bovine conservation act etc. under  IPC Act 302,307,376,377 & 201 IPC


Physical evidences:- Body fluids like blood, semen, saliva stained cloths, tissues, bones, teeth, hairs, saliva present on cigarette-bidi & gutaka, skin, blood and tissue traces in nails scrapping, soil and different types of weapons etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur



Nature of Examination:- Murder, Suicide, Burglary, Robbery, Accidental Death suspected of poisoning,  Animal poisoning, Mass tragedy, 302,328, 498A, 304B IPC, 174, 176 CrPC ,Animal Protect Act and Bovine Protection Act etc crimes.


Physical Evidences:-  Visceral organs, Gastric Lavage, Vomit, Blood samples, Urine samples, Suspected poisonous substance, Spurious Liquor, Narcotic and Psychotropic substances/drugs, Suspected Anaphylactic drugs and Insecticides etc.

Divisional Area:- Jaipur

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