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Forensic science laboratory is indispensable, one of the three fundamental pillars  of criminal judicial system and connecting link between the police and judiciary. FSL is a multidisciplinary institution, in which through modern & up-to-date sophisticated instrumentation and verified scientific methodology, the physical exhibits pertaining to crime are scientifically analyzed. Examination report of forensic science lab is established as a strong evidence in establishing the involvement of accused under Indian evidence act and criminal procedure code 293 , which is given by the Director, Deputy Director or Assistant Director of the concerned division.


Continuous research and development work is also done in forensic science lab to solve the puzzle of complicated cases, which is totally different from the R&D work of the other academic & scientific institutions due to connection with criminal judicial system.


Forensic science lab also provide the forensic help to investigation officers in crime scene investigation through mobile forensic units along with the analytical work of examining the crime exhibits. Mobile forensic units provide the forensic help in identification and collection of proper physical exhibits from the scene of crime which can provide the answers of following queries-


1.What is the nature of crime?

2.What is the modus operandi ?

3.Who is the culprit?


Mobile forensic units provide the guidance to the investigation officer for proper identification & collection of clue material from the scene of crime to get the answer of above mentioned queries.


Forensic science lab examine the exhibits pertaining to crimes under – IPC, Cr PC, POCSO Act, Arms Act, IT Act, Indecent representation of Women Act, Official Secret Act, Copy Right Act, NDPS Act, Excise Act, Anti Corruption Act, Explosive Act, RPGO Act, Cow Conservation Act etc. forensic reports are provided mainly to state police and courts of Rajasthan , but cases of CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Revenue Intelligence, State Anti Corruption Bureau, Narcotic Bureau , Excise, Railway , Custom , Income Tax, Army, Forest,  Health and other departments are also examined & reported.


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