The Library of the PTS has a reading room with a collection of different type of books. The library is equipped with modern facilities such as internet. It has a separate magazine section. The library has varied number of books on police working and training. It contains books on the subjects such as Cyber Crime, Criminology, Forensic Science, Finger Printing, Geography, General Knowledge, Human Rights & Police, Religion, Police Administration, Sociology, Reference books, Human Rights & Police, Police Training, Information Technology, History, Investigation books, Philosophy, Police practical work, Terrorism, Police Public relations, Security etc..


Rajasthan Police Academy is provided with a PHC for treatment of trainees, staff and the family members. It is located inside PTS campus. 


Dough kneading machine has been installed in the recruiting mess of the institute, whose capacity is 50 kg (average 35 kg). The dough has to be kneaded in 07 minutes. This has saved time, fuel and human labor, and hygienic food is being prepared.

Roti maker machine has been installed for the recruitment mess of the institute. The capacity of this machine is 750 to 850 roti per hour. Its use has saved time, fuel and human labor and hygienic food is being prepared. With the speedy preparation of food, there has been a decrease in fatik.

Two machines for cutting vegetables have been installed in the recruiting mess of the institute. This has increased the purity and quality of food, as well as saving time and reducing human labor.

Smart Class Rooms

Smart class rooms were constructed in indoor schools and computer and projector screens were installed with projectors. In these classes, training is being given through power point presentation.


Conference Hall

The facility to organize state level seminars, workshops, special courses and special lectures is available in this conference room. Under the smart conference room, arrangements have been made for LED screen with computers and furniture etc.


Virtual Class Room

Room no. 6 of the indoor campus of the institute has been developed into a virtual classroom by providing projector with screen and computer, speaker, web camera, internet connectivity etc. In this class room, with the help of IP cameras, it is possible to show live telecast of lectures organized in Jaipur and other training institutes and communicate with them directly.


Computer Labs

The institute has two computer labs out of which one is C.C.T.N.S. lab and a Windows lab. There are 20 computers in each lab and UPS in both the labs. High speed internet connectivity is available in both labs and they are fully air-conditioned. Projector in the C.C.T.N.S. Lab and Smart Touch Screen Television in the Windows Lab is also available.


Model Room

By making models of various important subjects for training in the indoor school of the institute, training is being given to the trainees who are getting elementary training with the help of models, such as -

A- General meeting place              B- Carcade

C- Vip security                              D- Crime Scene