In the prolonged journey of policing, the training is an integral part as there is no end to what we can learn. Fostering the spirit of professionalism and inculcating the right values with a true sense of humility and service should be the hallmark of everyone who dons the uniform.

    As the main objective and vision of Police Training School is to become a school of excellence in police training and development. The school aims at imparting methodological training to different rank of Police personnel of Rajasthan in different field like criminal investigation, crowd control, tackling and control of unlawful assemblies various crafts and warfare tactics including other fields like juvenile justice, police – public relation, knowledge of various acts, rules and laws, modern technologies.

    I am proud to see the contribution of every member of the Academy in a befitting manner. I urge them to continue their services to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of integrity and duty by making the trainees the best police officers of the nation. I am sure that the entire Team of PTS Jodhpur will continue to upgrade the training as per the requirement and constantly strive to maintain the high standards, it is renowned for. I hope and pray that all of you will join us to reach greater heights.

    I am truly honoured to be part of the team which has been entrusted with the task of training the police fraternity. We must keep improving continuously to be able to respond to the new and emerging challenges in policing.


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