Welcome to the Intelligence Training Academy website.

The Intelligence Training Academy has carved a niche for itself in imparting training to Police personnel In the ambit of security and intelligence from all over the state. In the pursuit of excellence the Academy has crossed many milestones which we can be proud of. The SSB is today the premier agency of the state entrusted with the dual responsibility of gathering secret information to bolster state and national security and providing leadership andensuring direction to the police force across the state in fighting against antisocial activities and the security of VVIP and dignitaries. It is indeed an honor to lead an agency that has the best intelligence reporting in the state to fulfill this mission. I am aware of the expectations the state government has from us. I am sure that by adhering to our motto jagrutam aharnisham(जागृतं अहर्निशम) we will perform our duties in a manner that will win laurels for this premier organization.

To ensure the highest standard of qualitative information collection and infrangible integrity, it is our constant endeavour to improve training activities that would get reflected through this website too. The website showcases our goals, objectives, achievements and innovations to instill public confidence in our capabilities and to make police fraternity aware of entire gamut of training. Let us pledge to work together and take big strides in becoming one of the premier intelligence agencies of the country.

Visitors to the website are welcome to know more about ITA and may give their valuable suggestions to make it better.

Jai Hind!

Sanjay Agarwal, IPS
Director General of Police, Intelligence,
Rajasthan, Jaipur

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