Welcome to the Intelligence Training Academy!
In its pursuit of excellence in imparting police training, the Academy has crossed several milestones that we can be proud of.
We have incessantly striven to keep Police training relevant, state-of-the-art, updated and comprehensive. We intend to continue to instill professionalism, integrity and service orientation in our trainees and endeavor to build a top-class institution.
The website is a medium to make our viewers aware of our aims and objectives, activities, achievements and innovations so as to build public confidence in our capabilities and also to apprise police officials about our training plans and current activities.

The visitors to the website are welcome to know more about ITA and are also expected to give their valuable suggestions to make the website better and better.
Jai Hind!

Deepak Bhargav
Dy. IGP & Director
Intelligence Training Academy, Jaipur

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