Rajasthan Police came into existence on creation of state vide gazette notification in 1949. All princely states were reorganised and merged into Rajasthan state and all princely state forces were subsumed into Rajasthan Police. The State Government had appointed a committee in October 1973 under the chairmanship of Shri Ganesh Singh, the then Additional Inspector General of Police, for the reorganization of the police force.

This committee, after conducting a detailed examination of the training facilities available to the Rajasthan Police, studied various aspects of its restructuring. The recommendations of the committee were accepted and several fundamental changes were introduced in the training system of the police. A separate post of Inspector General of Police (Training) was created in April 1980.

State Special Branch, Rajasthan was created in 1965 to gather information & counter increasing incidents of bombing across India i.e., Mumbai, Delhi. SSB was primarily tasked with intelligence collection of terror modules/ internal security threats and use actionable input to avert Bomb/IED attacks.

With time, the need for dedicated training of the personnel of the State Special Branch was felt which led to establishment of Rajasthan Security Training School in 1975 worked the RPA campus. In January 2017, STS was shifted to its present location and upgraded to Intelligence Training Academy (ITA).

The foundation stone of the administrative block of the institute was laid by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri Ashok Gehlot on April 24, 2013. The Academy was formally inaugurated on 21st January 2017 by Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, Hon'ble Home Minister of Rajasthan.

Before the establishment of the Intelligence Training Academy, only in- house courses were conducted at Security Training School which was run under the aegis of RPA. ITA now caters to all aspects of Intelligence training i.e. VIP security training to the officers/employees of all the posts of SSB cadre like Basic, PCC, Chief Minister's Security, Raj Bhavan security, VIP security training like Carcade, Walkabout Drill, BDS, Dog squad training and musketry and firing exercises.

Training is an integral part of the police force as it imparts knowledge, skills, and behavioural change to the police personnel. Cutting-edge technological developments challenge police force to keep themselves to remain up to date on evolving methods of crime & intelligence gathering. Training is a continuous need to which ITA caters through in-service courses & specialized capsule courses. 

The Gore Committee (1971) brought out the most comprehensive document on police training in the country. Its recommendations are being incorporated in various courses. Training aids and methods are also being used as per the recommendations of the Gore Committee. We strive to inculcate professionalism a sense of service and integrity, among our officers and men when we impart training.

The contribution of hundreds of stalwarts in the field of science and technology has brought us to the threshold of a new era. The emergence of computers and communication has brought  about major changes in our attitude towards science and technology, education system, society, culture, values and lifestyle. The advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web facility has reduced the time of information dissemination with instant transfer of information and knowledge.

The world is now a home. In the changing times, special emphasis is placed on enhancing technological know how, law and investigative skills relating to crimes against  women and children, use of scientific aid in cybercrime, investigation and intelligence gathering through OSINT & social media monitoring. 

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