Other Initiatives

Observance of Prisoners Welfare Week

In order to give a fillip to the welfare of prisoners, a decision was taken in 2010 to observe Prisoners Welfare Week from Gandhi Jayanti. During this period, extensive and intensive programmes are organized in all prisons of the state every year. Special attention is paid to providing legal aid, medical check up and treatment, spiritual and moral counseling, games and sports besides cultural activities .

These programmes are organized with the assistance of various non-governmental organizations besides the judicial and other government departments

Inmate Literacy Campaign

In view of the large number of illiterate prisoners in jails, a literacy campaign has been launched in the Central and District Jails in July, 2011. The campaign seeks to ensure that no prisoner who spends a month in jail is illiterate. Prisoner volunteers undertake the task of teaching the illiterate prisoners. Reading and writing material is being provided by NGOs and other donors.

Over 1500 prisoners are being covered by this programme at present.

Employment to prisoners

Making a prisoner a productive member of society is necessary for his reform and rehabilitation. The prisons in the state have nearly 7000 convicted prisoners who need to be trained and provided employment opportunities in jails so that they are able to earn wages to support their families. This strengthens family ties and restrains him from sliding back into crime.

In some of the prisons, private businesses and NGOs have become our partners in helping prisoners learn to earn their livelihood. These partners provide raw material, training, wages to prisoners and in turn receive the finished products. The jail authorities provide volunteer disciplined prisoners and work space.

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