Legal Aid

Legal Aid Cells; established by the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority are functioning in each Jail of the state to provide legal assistance to the needy prisoners. There is a District Legal Services Authority outlet in all the jails, where under guidance of staff, the law professionals cater to the legal aid requirements of jail inmates.

Legal Aid Cells exist in every Jail with facilities for drafting, typing and dealing with bail applications, miscellaneous application, appeals, revision etc. on behalf of the Jail inmates. With the increase in jail population, the demand for legal aid and advice has increased considerably. Majority of inmates belong to economically poor class and are not in a position to avail the services of expensive lawyers.

Any inmate or his relative can contact the concerned jail officer or the District Legal Services Authority in case of need for legal assistance.

       Availability of Legal Aid in Rajasthan Prisons as below:-

  • In Year 2020- 1850 Prisoners
  • In Year 2021- 1651 Prisoners
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