Important Circular

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01 Standing Order महत्वपूर्ण घटनाओं की सूचना के संबंध मे Click Hare
02 Standing Order Regarding Beet Pranali Click Hare
03 Standing Order Regarding Case Officer Scheme Click Hare
04 Standing Order Regarding Jan Sahabhagita Click Hare
05 Standing Order Regarding Law and Order Click Hare
06 Standing Order Regarding Malkhana Items Click Hare
07 Standing Order Regarding Prastawana Click Hare
08 Standing Order Regarding Registration of Crime Click Hare
09 Standing Order Regarding Road Accident Click Hare
10 Standing order Regarding Salary Package Click Hare
11 Standing order Regarding Samudayak Sampark Samuh Click Hare
12 Standing order Regarding Summon Case Click Hare
13 Standing order Regarding Warrant Tamil Click Hare
14 Standing order Regarding Welfare of Police Click Hare
15 Regarding rapid action in Moutana Chdhotara and Bair etc. cases of Trible casts in schedule areas. Click Hare
16 Regarding rapid action in Dayan Pratha Cases Click Hare
17 Regarding direction about writ pititions filing in the cours against department. Click Hare
18 Regarding direction of supervision in cases investigation by CO/Addl.SP Click Hare
19 Regarding direction for officer In-Charge to reply in cases/writs pending in courts. Click Hare
20 Atankwad Click Hare
21 Atankwad nirodhak dasta ke parichalan hetu anudesh Click Hare
22 Crime map Click Hare
23 Danga Nirodhi upkaran ki Sckail Click Hare
24 Nakabandi Babat Click Hare
25 Pendency and Dispojal of Caces Click Hare
26 Regarding Commado Click Hare
27 Regarding Evidence of Prosecution Sanctioning Authority - 25-09-2013 Click Hare
28 Regarding Service of Summons/Warrants - 23-07-2012 Click Hare
29 Regarding Service of Summons/Warrants - 20-11-2012 Click Hare
30 Regarding Control of Illegal Transportation and Slaughter of Bovine Animal - 10-09-2013 Click Hare
31 Regarding Interface of Police and Media - 18-10-2013 Click Hare
32 Regarding Appearing of Police Officers and Personnel before the Court for Evidence - 08-01-2013 Click Hare
33 Regarding Appearing of Police Officers and Personnel before the Court for Evidence - 19-07-2013 Click Hare
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