• Welcome to homeguards department

  • Welcome to homeguards department

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Smt. Vasundhara Raje Hon'ble Chief Minister
Smt. Vasundhara Raje Hon'ble Chief Minister
Smt. Vasundhara Raje Hon'ble Chief Minister
Sh. Gulab Chand Kataria Hon'ble Home Minister

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At present this organization has three wings viz Urban, Rural and Border Home Guards having, 20570 Urban, 4816 Rural, and 2664 Border Home Guards volunteers. In peace, helping administration and police in maintenance of law and order, and during emergency in security of life and property of the public is the main role of this organization. The organization recruits the eligible youth of the state and tries to instil in them a sence of National Security and Discipline, Border Home Guards likewise gives its services for security of the State and the Nation.In the Home Guards volunteers have been deployed in important and grave conditions for law and order duties with various departments such as Electricity, Excise, Jails Forest Animal Husbandry (Sheep Migration), Education (Sanskrit Education Secondary Education), BSNL, FCI, RSRTC, AIR, Vidhan Sabha security and during various festivals & fairs for helping Police & Administration in maintenance of law and order and internal security.

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PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCIES वर्तमान में गृह रक्षा विभाग इसका कार्य देख रहा है। इसके अन्तर्गत PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCIES को सुरक्षा गार्ड लगाने हेतु विभाग द्वारा लाईसेन्स दिये जाते है। और पूर्व में जारी लाईसेनस को भी Renewal किया जाता है।

Home Guards Deployment

गृह रक्षा का डिप्लोयमेन्ट जो कि विभाग का महत्वपूर्ण कार्य है। जिसके अन्तर्गत स्वयं सेवकों को विभिन्न सरकारी व गैरसरकारी संस्थानों व निगमों में सुरक्षा व्यवस्था व वेतन श्रृखला 01 से 06 तक के रिक्त पदों के विरूद्ध अस्थाई तौर पर लगाया जा कर नियोजित किया जाता है।

Home Guard Allowance

गृह रक्षा का मानदेय व भत्ते निम्नानुसार है :— ड्यूटी भत्ता 325/— रूपये प्रतिदिवस कन्वेन्स चार्ज 20/— प्रतिविस वर्दी धुलाई भत्ता 75/— प्रति माह


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