Objectives of the Centre

The University is an authorized base to have a centre for developing Advanced Manpower Certificate programmes in Police Studies. Also one of its important mandates includes conducting interdisciplinary training programs for state police departments across the country, Central forces (BSF, CISF, CRPF etc) and the academia.

 The Centre’s collaboration; both existing and future, with the other sister agencies would ensures efficiency of existing police training programs with special emphasis on devising domain specific training programs for in-service police professionals. The working includes developing various academic and professional programmes and conducting degree/diploma/certificate and other short term courses.

The working also includes funding and developing specific police studies programs and campaigns. Also, collating and analyzing crime statistics, organizing workshops, seminars and conferences etc and undertaking studies, research, consultancies and publications.

Other important functions of the Centre include developing safety education material for schools and local communities, developing awareness campaigns, conducting short tenn courses for in service personnel and professional programmes for students.

The working of the Centre also includes providing facilities for research work to undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in the areas concerned as to publish research outcomes results through Journal publications and Conference proceedings. The Centre endeavors to become financially self-sustaining in the future.


Resource Persons

Smiley face Dr. Bhupendra Singh, IPS
Additional DGP cum Pro Vice Chancellor, SPUP
Email: provc@policeuniversity.ac.in 
Smiley face Dr. Swikar Lama
Asst. Professor and Co-ordinator
Email: centreforpolicestudies@policeuniversity.ac.in



1. Department of Criminology and Centre for Police Studies jointly organized a National Seminar on "Philosophy, Strategy, Tactics and Institutionalisation of Community Policing" on 16-17 Jan,2015.



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Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has introduced a training tool called the Virtual Police Station (VPS) which was developed with the help of the Rajasthan Police Academy. The tool is particularly useful for constabulary training and refreshers for ASI as well as a public education tool.The VPS is thoroughly innovative and provides an alternative to the usual chalk and talk mode of training that is imparted to the recruits. 

The video is in ten different languages provides a 360 degree view of a police station. The rooms that can be explored in this program include the Reception, Station Writer’s Room, Lock Up, Case Property Room, SHO Office and more. A user can click on several items in each of these rooms, such as objects (registers, evidence, police equipment, telephones, etc), personnel (duty officer, investigating officer, station writer, station house officer, case property officer, etc), and members of the public (witness, accused, female victim, male victim, etc). Once something is clicked, detailed information is provided using videos, pictures and text boxes, with accurate legal and criminal sections provided for training. Critically, there is a “learn more” button which serves as a resource archive, providing case law, legislation, guidelines and other seminal materials for the particular process they are exploring, so that trainers and cadets have every option to learn as much as possible on vital service related topics.

The tool is available online  Virtual Police Station (VPS)[Tool] as well as available offline. The following things however need to be kept in mind while viewing the Virtual Police Station online and they are as follows:

The tool can be viewed only in Chrome/Firefox and Safari and not in Explorer.
You need to have a fast internet connection to watch the tool online.
You cannot watch the tool online on your phone even if you have a fast internet connection

Click Here For Virtual Police Station (VPS) Tool 

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