Student Employement Program

Earn while you learn' is a pioneering project of SPUP and the concept underlying it is to help students find part-time work on the campus to meet their educational/living costs while simultaneously helping them gain work experience and inculcate work values. .


  • To inculcate in them values of work and sense of responsibility.
  • To provide them with work experience and necessary life skills related to the student's chosen field of work.
  • To help them become self-reliant.
  • To provide them a platform where they can learn to work in teams and develop their leadership skills.
  •  To imbue in them a sense of onus in building the institution.
  • To provide the students an opportunity to help them finance a part of their education/living expenses.

Downloads for ElP

Application Form

Job Category Wise Description

Remuneration Form for Enrolled Students



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