Prison Industries

Rajasthan Jails Administration has undertaken exhaustive vocational skill development programmes for convicted inmates which can go a long way in rehabilitating them after their release.

Vocational training in various trades is provided to convicted inmates in nine jails of the state. These trades are making durries, niwar, cloth dyeing, carpentry, iron-smithy, stitching, hosiery cloth manufacturing, etc. Power looms have been installed for manufacturing cloth in jails. Convicted inmates learn various trade skills in the Jail Factories at various Central Jails. These programmes have not only resulted in learning a trade but also provided monetary gains to jail inmates. The Social Justice & Empowerment Department of Rajasthan Government provides assistance to released offenders for their post-release rehabiitation.

Wages are paid to inmates for the work against labour done in jail factories. Training in simple trades

As the object of vocational training to the inmates is their reformation and rehabilitation, training in simple industrial trades like wireman, fitter, carpenter, diesel mechanic, cutting & sewing are conducted and inmates are given certificates by ITI to enable them to seek employment after release. Vocational Training Apart from Industrial Training, the inmates are given training in the following simple trades also by the Government as well as NGOs for their rehabilitation: 
(1) Making durries & niwar; 
(2) Stitching & dyeing cloth; 
(3) Carpentry; 
(4) Iron-smithy & Desert Coolers; 
(5) Iron furniture; and 
(6) Hosiery cloth manufacturing. 

All eight Central Jails and District Jail Alwar have Jail Factories where training and employment is being given to approximately 5000 convicts at any given time. The department aims at employing all the convicts in the Jail factories. These factories activities not only provide financial support to inmates but also act as a training and rehabilitation institution and help the administration in maintaining peace in the Jail. 
The various works being undertaken in different sections of the Jail Factory are:- 

Weaving Section

This section manufacture cloth (White), carpets, convicts Chaddar, Woollen Chaddar, Fine Chaddar, Dasuti Cloth/Khesla, Handloom durries, and Dusters. Installation of new power-loom machines has not only augmented the production capacity of the section, but has also created a training ground for convicts working on these machines. Apart from meeting internal requirements of the Jail, the department has been privileged to secure orders from various departments of the Government of Rajasthan and from the private sector. Hosiery cloth for making vests is also manufactured in powerlooms of jail factories.

Carpentry Section

This section is instrumental in supply of Desks/Tables & Chairs to various schools and other governmental offices in the state of Rajasthan and public at large.


This section manufacture & supply desert coolers, steel Almeria, steel racks and iron furniture to various schools and other governmental offices in the state of Rajasthan and public at large. 

Goods worth 1.06 Cr. were produced in the jail factory during year 2013-14.