Information Technology Cell



The Contributions of hundreds of luminaries in the field of science and technology have brought us to the threshold of a new era, far more significant and important than the industrial revolution itself. The emergence of computer and communication has brought major changes in our approach towards science and technology, education system, society, culture, values and way of life. The advent of internet and world wide web facility has squeesed the world with instant transfer of information and knowledge. world has become a home now.

Establishment of IT cell:

The IT cell was established in the Rajasthan Police Academy in the year 1999 and its training was commenced for the trainees. Initially only DOS was taught to the police officers by private faculties. Today Rajasthan Police Academy IT cell have three computer labs which have been provided 100 internet connected computers. Each lab contains 1 LCD Projector. All academy campus are connected with LAN.

Staff, Trainings and Facilities:

The staff in IT cell is professionally and technically trained includes 1 Programmer and 20 Computer trained constables. The syllabus for Constable(Recruites), S.I.(P) and R.P.S.(P) in basic training includes the introduction of computer, MS Office, Internet, CIPA, CCTNS etc. The computer training for in service courses for ministerial staff and other police personnel is conducted during the refresher courses at the academy. The aim of IT cell at RPA is to make Rajasthan Police personnel computer literate

Cyber Lab

A cyber Lab is established with 40 computers. LCD projector and latest classroom accessories, software and LAN is established in the lab.

Future Plannings

In addition to the above IT cell, the establishment of 1 more computer lab has been recommended by the academy authorities at RPA. The proposed computer lab would contain 50 computers, LCD projector, latest classroom accessories, softwares, etc.