Organization & Administration

Rajasthan Prison Department stands for applying a corrective sentence to the prison inmates. It not only keeps the inmates in safe custody but also endeavours to correct their deviated behaviour by building their capacity through various programmes of academic & vocational education and recreation. The department attempts to inculcate a feeling of respect for law among the inmates and tries to mould them into a useful citizen. The department respects various national and international laws while fulfilling its objectives. Infrastructure and conditions have been created in the prisons of Rajasthan to facilitate social readjustment and rehabilitation of prison inmates in the society.

The Department safeguards the society by confining in safe custody the persons committed by the courts and treating them with humanity and helping them to lead a useful life in society as law abiding citizens after their release from the Prison. The theory of Reformation and Rehabilitation is followed in the Prisons of the State. The department was established with aim of providing more progressive and humane care for inmates, to professionalize the prison service and to ensure consistent and centralized administration of state prisons.

Brief of the Department

Rajasthan Prison Department is one of the largest Prison Departments in the country. The department run 144 prison institutions in which about 22000 inmates remain lodged .

The department ensures that that the offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in prisons that are safe, humane, cost-efficient and appropriately secure. It also helps in reducing the potential for future criminal activity by encouraging inmates to participate in a variety of programmes meant for their skill development.


Rajasthan Prisons work under the administrative control of Department of Home, Government of Rajasthan. The Director General of Prisons is the Head of Department. He is assisted by one Additional Director General of Prisons and Inspector General of Prisons at Headquarters and three Deputy Inspector General of Prisons at the Regional Offices. The central office and regional offices provide administrative oversight and support departmental correctional institutions.

The Administration of prisons is accorded high priority by Government. Concerted efforts are taken to improve basic infrastructure facilities and correctional programmes for welfare of inmates and strengthening the safety and security of Prisons

There are the three regional DIG offices and seven administrative circles viz. Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Bharatpur below them. Jails in the state are classified as Central Jails, High Security Jail, District Jail ’A’ class, District Jail ‘B’ class and Sub-Jails on basis of the category of convicted inmates kept in them. Central and District Jails are headed by Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent respectively. Besides, there are specialized classes of jails viz. Women Reformatory, Young Offenders’ Reformatory and Open Air Camps. Each Central/District Prison exercises control over Sub-Jail situated in Districts under its jurisdiction. The Sub-Jail is administered by an Assistant Jailor who is the executive in-charge of a Sub-Jail.


The internal maintenance, security and look after of inmates are done by Rajasthan Prisons Staff. Internal perimeter and entrance gates to prisons premises are manned by Prison Staff. High Security wards, Watch Towers and external perimeter is manned by Rajasthan Prisons staff, Rajasthan Armed Constabulary and RAC at prisons. Anyone entering the prison is frisked by prison staff. The work of production of inmates before various courts and escorting to other destinations is entrusted to Reserve Guard of Rajasthan Police.

Category of Prisons

There are 10 Central Prisons, 2 ‘A’ Class District Prisons, 26 ‘B’ Class District Prisons and 60 Sub Jails for confining inmates and 7 Prisons for Women,1 sep. Central Jail Shyalawas Dausa, 1 High High Security one Young Offenders Reformatory (Aged 18 to 21 years), and 38 Open Air Camps. Click here to view list Jails

There are about 3371 officers and staff of various categories in the Prison department. They are executive, ministerial, correctional, medical, technical and teachers.


Staff Training

The Jail Training Institute at Ajmer conducts 6 months basic training course for newly appointed Warders. This Institute also imparts in-service, promotional and refresher training to officers upto ranks of De