Objectives of CENTRE FOR SOCIAL DEFENCE & GENDER STUDIES are as follows :

  • To act as a central agency of Rajasthan Police for enhancing capacity building and sensitization of the police personals towards the protection of vulnerable groups in the society.
  • To Contact with the network of various Govt. and N.G.O.s working for social defence; to organizing conferences, Research with the help of these agencies on the issues of social security & gender.
  • To prepare the knowledge base on the issues of social security and gender. It will enable the police to probe into the positive and Negative aspect of its work culture and help in deciding their future policy towards socially deprived section.
  • To work as a coordinating agency with other department and collection, analysis, exchange and dissemination of information.
  • To make an action plan on the base of research & studies; to compile best practices and successes stories for the future guidance.
  • To raise the issues of social security & gender in front of the policy makers, implementing agencies and the Government.
  • To create the awareness in the police personal towards their social responsibility according to section -30 of Rajasthan Police act 2007.