Workshops, Seminar and Conferences (2013-14)


  • Road Safety –July 03, 2013, Rajasthan

  • Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine, September 21, 2013, Police Lines, Jodhpur

  • Research Methodology in Policing, January 15-20, 2014, SPUP Campus, Jodhpur

  • Combating Sexual Harassment at Workplace, March 27-28, 2014, FDDI, Jodhpur

  • Fraud Risk Management in Large Corporate Credits, April 24-25, 2014, Jodhpur

  • Jodhpur Security Dialog, April 11-12, 2014, Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur

  • Workshop on 'Nuvlear Safety',14 April,2014 at Jodhpur

  • Nuclear Security, April 14, 2014, Jodhpur

  • Rethinking Security: A Response to 21st Century Challenges,April 11-12,2014, Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur


    Workshops,Seminar and Conferences (2014-15)

    Sensitization Programme for Police Personnel On Transgenders, August 19-20 2014, Jodhpur

    Workshop on 'Sexual Harassment at Work', for govt. officers,19 sept 2014,Jodhpur

    Workshop on 'National Secrity and Refugees',28 oct 2014,Jodhpur

    Wars that Shaped the Present World: I and II World Wars, November 7-8, 2014, NLU Jodhpur

    National Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Conflict and Our Critical Infrastructure, December 13-14, 2014, Jodhpur

    National Seminar on Philosophy, Strategy, Tactics and Institutionalization Of Community Policing, January 16-17 2015, SPUP Jodhpur

    Internationa Conference on 'Integrated Approach to Counter Terrorism : Counter Terrorism conference-2015, 18-21 march,2015, Jaipur

    Training Programme on Cyber Security for officers of ONGC,31 march 2015,New Delhi


    Workshops, Seminar and Conferences (2015-16)

  • 'Save Kids' Lives-Child & Women safety on Roads',6-7 may,2015,Jaipur

  • Sensitization towards transgender for police officers of Jodhpur range,29-30,june,2015,Jodhpur

  • Workshop on 'Drug Abuse And LLLicit Trafficking' in collaboration with Narcotics Control Bureau, Jodhpur, 25 July, 2015 at SPUP Campus, Jodhpur

  • Workshop on 'Inter Agency Coordiation for Curbing Economic Crimes and Corporate Frauds',28 sept,2015 at IIC, New Delhi

  • Police Training Program in Cyber Security and Awareness, 7-8 August,2015 at SPUP Campus,Jodhpur

  • Workshop on 'Basic Computer Awareness and Cyber Crime Prevention for Police Personnal',13-14 August,2015 at SPUP Campus,Jodhpur

  • Short-Term Course on 'Cyber Crime and Forensic Tools' in Collaboration with NITTTR, Chandigarh, 31 August to 5 September, 2015 at SPUP Campus,Jodhpur

  • Workshop on SPSS, 8-13 October, 2015 at SPUP Campus,Jodhpur

  • National Conference on "Child Protection : Challenges and Opportunities", 3 December,2015 at RPA,Jaipur