Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice (SPUP) has a Vocational and Personal Counseling Cell (VPCC) in place that offers supportive and conducive environment for any student with personal issues or challenges to seek help and guidance from an experienced faculty and professional counsellor. The vision of the cell is to nurture the students to become good human beings and responsible citizens of the world. The VPCC will try to provide to our students a healthy, vibrant and creative environment to foster learning and unlearning, problem shooting and logical thinking; an environment to explore their potential in order to live a highly fulfilling life. The centre aims to journey with students in their lives by helping them build more resources within themselves, remove barriers to their growing potential and feel more equipped to find their way in the world.

Counselling services are provided by trained professionals who are part of the College faculty and visiting experts. The types of services provided include:
1. Psychological assessment
2. Individual Counseling
3. Group Counseling
4. Vocational /Career Counseling 
5. Career Information Talks 
6. Personality Development
7. Soft Skill Training
8. Awareness Building Programmes

Counseling faculty take its policy on confidentiality extremely seriously. As Counselors, we are committed to promoting the personal growth and academic success of all SPUp students. Clearly, we recognize that the college experience can be exciting and rewarding for most students. At the same time, it can also have its challenges and difficulties. Our entire resources are available to provide support and help to all students. 

The Centre remains open for Two hours daily, and is well-equipped with computer, printer, internet facility and sufficient testing material for providing information regarding various behavioural and cognitive aspects of students. 

"College is about much more than attending classes. The Career Development and Counseling faculty are here to help"